Day 5 Cairngorm Circular Round 2

Day Five –started out wet again, though this time really REALLY wet –a constant torrential downpour!  We decided we couldn’t set out in this and would wait til lunchtime to see if it stopped.  A cooked “brunch” lifted the spirits –there are advantages to “bugging out”.

The rain actually stopped!!! So we set out at 1pm and knew we’d be riding well into the evening to do the required mileage for the day.  Again the trail was boggier and harder going than 2 years ago and Yvonne was struggling with her injury.  A short section of heather bashing between trails was not a fun experience for her and I don’t think she was able to take in the stunning scenery after that.

The sun actually came out and we classically rode into the sunset as we didn’t dismount til about 9.30pm.  We found a beautiful camp spot next to a river with tasty grass for the horses.  It was a case of pitch tent, eat and sleep though as tomorrow was set to be a long day.

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