About the Horses

Yogi “The Bear”


Yogi is a Highland x TB Gelding.  He came to me in 2009 at the age of 7yrs.  It became apparent very quickly that he wasn’t in a good way.  He had a back injury which wasn’t picked up in the Stage 5 vetting and his earliest owners informed me that he really shouldn’t be ridden.  That would explain his somewhat stressy behaviour then!   4yrs later after a lot of treatment and inhand / gentle riding work, he finally had a full bill of health.  He is a hard worker, just loves to attack the hills and wants to “get there” where ever that may be… His super high speed overdrive walk is well known by many.  That drive makes him a great ridden horse for long distance treks as he is always keen.  However, he HATES bogs and if stressed about something, his feet won’t stay still, so he often gets himself into double trouble.   He is a dope on the rope 95% of the time  these days though, but you have to understand that the other stressy 5% may suddenly appear.  He is very cuddly and loves to get his bum scratched -he also LOVES FOOD… thus the link with Yogi Bear and picnics!

Swift “The Spotty Bum”


Swift is a Quarter Horse x Appaloosa and has a spotty bum!  She came to me at the age of 2yrs in 2010.  I’d seen the backing process before and helped with a few, but Swift has been my first proper home start.  She didn’t prove to be easy!  We had to work our way through a few issues, I made a few mistakes but when I listened, she taught me an awful lot.  She is (if I say so myself) the most awesome horse to lead and ride -so light to the touch and never switches off, is always listening to you.  She tends to internalise her worry about things, then suddenly explodes as it’s all got too much -so you have to get to know her very well and anticipate!  However generally she is a chilled out dude 99% of the time and not much phases her.  She is a fantastic pack horse -sure footed and careful with those feet, she thinks problems through and never rushes in.  Keen as well, but takes her time.  A courageous and curious girl, who only takes cuddles on her terms (she is a mare after all!).

3 thoughts on “About the Horses

  1. Fenella smith

    Best of luck on your journey, thinking of you and wishing you happy trails and sure footed friends from a chilly spot just outside of Melbourne, Australia.

  2. Deborah Johnson

    Lovely to meet you yesterday Claire, and the horses and reading the bits about Yogi and Swift, I actually sensed Swift wasn’t easily trusting, loved to be allowed to touch Yogi though, wow, gorgeous horse! 🥰 Loki g forward to reading your book! My friend took lovely photos that day, including a few of you and your horses! Keep up the good work, me and Tracy work in care top, really chuffed to have crossed your path, you’re done eimsn! 🥰 Deborahxxx


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