About Me

I’ve always been into travel and adventure, whether that be by canoe, kayak, mountain bike, ski or my own two feet.  These days though… I mostly use ten feet (eight belonging to my two horses).

I’ve travelled many places in the world (mostly with a white water kayak) and enjoy expeditions under my own steam of some sort -generally lasting for as long as I can wangle off work!  For work -I am a Paramedic Practitioner employed by the Scottish Ambulance Service.  12hr shifts are long and tiring but it does give a good work/life balance with plenty of time off for adventure and exploring.

I’ve explored places such as remote areas of Turkey, Canada, Mexico, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Australia, America, Sweden and most of Europe.  However, my favourite place in the world that I always come back to, is the Scottish Highlands.


Since 2010 I have been exploring the Highlands by horse back and it has taken me to stunning places near where I live that I never knew even existed.  With the horses it has encouraged me to explore the Glens rather than always bag the hill!  I love the slower pace of travelling with a pack horse and the flexibility it gives, being able to camp in more remote places as you have everything you need right there with you!

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5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Liz

    Claire -it was a lovely day today so I hope you have your suncream with you! Love to read how your getting on with the trek- it must be wonderful to just go at your own pace with the horses and not have to worry about “traffic” I hope the weather is good for the rest of your journey!

  2. Lizzie Mack

    Claire – I love your blog! I’m another adventurous Scottish rider, with plans to take my two horses off into Europe to become a ‘Long Rider’ next year. I’d really love to talk to you over email or phone. What is best for you? Cheers, Lizzie

      1. TONY Bonning

        Hello Claire, Reached Corran via Mordor. On thd knees out of Kinloch Hourn and on the bum going down to Corran. The boy dealt with both well, though bit hairy at times. He’s doing the downhill slalom at the next winter Olympics. HOW, WHERE ARE YOU. TONY XX

      2. cescott12 Post author

        Brilliant! Glad you completed it – told you it was ‘interesting’ lol! Yogi had a fall so we have been trailered to Fort William for a rest and recovery. He is just bruised and is healing well – hoping to set off again on Tuesday from where we left the trail. Safe onwards travels xx

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