Day 6 Cairngorm Circular Round 2

Day Six –WOW… almost a dry day, just the odd light shower from time to time but perfectly manageable.  We had a pleasant ride to Kirkmichael along forestry tracks and stopped for a pause in the car park.  The horses were parked on the grass and we nipped to the shop for drinks and munchies.  Got chatting to a chap called David who was interested in what we were doing.  He had a similar interest in bike-packing so understood the concept perfectly.  Knowing we still had far to go today, we didn’t linger however.

We set off up out of Kirkmichael following the clearly marked Cateran Mini Trail and I was pleased to see that some path repair had taken place, making the initial part of the walk easier.  That was until I came to the stile and wooden barrier blocking the horses way.  Back down to Kirkmichael then and our “far” was about to get even further as we’d have to divert round via the busy B road adding another 4-5kms and adding increased risk / danger.

Being somewhat of a wide load, we went back to find our new friend David to “hire” his help.  He cycled ahead slowing down traffic until we could get back on the trail again.  Think he was very glad to get out of his gardening duties and we very much appreciated his help in negotiating tractors / lorries / motor cycles and camper vans! 

Back on the trail and a combination of sunshine and painkillers had Yvonne appreciate the secret little pass I’d found between two hills before I subjected her to more heather bashing.  A bit easier than the previous day to get back on a trail, but Katy (who usually follows without a lead rope) decided she liked it where she was and couldn’t see the point of heather bashing anyway.  Poor Yvonne had to clamber back through the heather and bog to fetch her (I did offer to do this, but fetching Katy seemed the lesser of two evils as the other job was looking after the other 3 equines!).

By the time we reached the camp spot for this night (complete with Lamas for the horse’s amusement) –there was mutiny emerging in the team.  Yvonne was sore and exhausted and badly needed a rest.  The weather also wasn’t looking great for the next day and we were aiming to ride high in the mountains.

A quick change of plan to stem any serious rebellion –to have our rest day tomorrow and with my husband Dave arriving for logistics and restock of supplies, we juggled the accommodation and plan about.

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