Day 4 Cairngorm Circular Round 2

Day Four –started out wet again (you’ll be noticing the pattern here by now).  The forecast for later in the day, over night and the next morning was dreadful.  Considering the horses had been shivering whilst we tacked them up this morning –we were looking for somewhere much more sheltered for tonight than we had initially planned.  Yvonne was also struggling despite popping pain killers galore and a shorter day would be a sensible option.

Again the going was boggier and tougher than 2 years ago and more walking than riding was the order of the morning.  Reaching a tricky river crossing, chaos broke out due to somewhat decisive action from the Yogster.

When reaching here 2 years ago, I’d taken 20minutes or so looking for a good place to cross with the horses.  Eventually I’d settled on a rocky slope down to the river rather than a softer large step down and up again.  The rock then, had been bone dry and both horses negotiated the slab safely and in a controlled manner.

Reaching here this year –I discounted the now wet and slippery slab in my mind and was casting my eyes about looking for a different option.  My eyes therefore weren’t on Yogi and remembering this spot from 2 years ago himself, he was adamant he knew the way.  He was off in a blink of an eye, sliding down the slab, a sploosh into the river, out the other side and off up the track.  I only had time to throw his lead rope after him (to prevent a tangle) before Swift was off to follow him too.  She kind of got her front feet down but had left her backs behind and required a little push on her spotty bum to complete the maneuver.

Katy swiftly followed with determination but less style, she preferred the spread eagled leg position with one foot braced on mine for better purchase lol!   Tommy was a little wide eyed but did himself and Yvonne proud.  We gathered up all the horses (had to run after Yogi who was determined to just continue along the track) and gave them a break munching grass whilst we caught our breath and a break from the rain in a handy bothy.

The rain continued so we stopped early at Blair Atholl in a place with proper shelters for the horses.  We decided to pitch our tents under these shelters too even though the base was an uncomfortable concrete one.  Here more complete chaos broke out as we experienced a visit from a Peacock! The horses went completely mental… never seen them show such fear and blind panic.  We had to chase it away many times before it finally got the message.   How on earth do you train your horse to accept Peacocks -I’m certainly not getting one for home noisy things!!!

A pub meal lifted the spirits that evening –there are advantages to “bugging out”.

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