Day 3 Cairngorm Circular Round 2

Day three -started out wet again, but nothing dampens the beauty of the bowl of mountains at the head of Glen Feshie.  The path up out of the Glen over to the next one is spectacular too, so was enough to distract from the weather.  3 wild highland ponies decided to tag along with our little herd, we had to ask a walker to gently chase them back to Glen Feshie or I think they’d have followed us right round the circular!

It’s funny how the mind can block out either the good parts or the bad parts of a memory and the Minigaig Pass was definitely more challenging than I’d remembered.  Maybe the amount of rain prior to leaving for our trip (and during) had a big part to play, but it certainly felt like harder going than I recalled.  We arrived at Bruar Lodge in good time however, and as always had a good reception, even though my email confirmation from the estate office hadn’t reached Dominic (the gamekeeper) and we weren’t actually expected!!!

This had been a hard day, not only with the rain and the soft ground under hoof, but Yvonne had also been injured.  Sometimes horses are unpredictable and you can just be standing in the wrong place at the wrong time… least that’s what I’m telling myself to offset the guilt of one of my horses hurting my friend!  Swift had decided to put new boy Tommy in his place when he crept too close to her, but had caught Yvonne instead with a double barrelled kick.  We suspected Yvonne now had broken ribs and she was in a lot of pain.  From one health care professional to another, there was no telling her… she wasn’t giving up and was determined to continue.

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