Day 2 Cairngorm Circular Round 2

Day two -managed to get packed up in the dry but the rain started out almost as soon as we did and it seemed happy to stay with us for the duration.  I thought I knew Glen Feshie like the back of my hand but in an effort to take a short cut, I went the wrong way and we had to back track.  Did meet some impressive highland cows during the diversion, though Katy didn’t share this view (Yvonne’s pony has a cow phobia!).

The River Feshie was up with all the rainfall and a large catchment area, so the river crossing to get to the bothy was as high as the horses bellies.  No hesitation from Yogi though -straight in and through, just a hint of a pause half way across which I dealt with immediately -if he turned round then everyone would and chaos would result!  Yvonne on Tommy was holding on with everything she could -he is the smallest of the group and has panicked at rivers before but they made it safely across with Katy following calmly behind (miss cool and collected).  Swift didn’t know what all the fuss was about as the water reached barely over her ankles (lanky lass) lol!

A sociable night in the bothy ensued, with friends who came to visit with wine (thanks Mike and Wendy) and chat with other travellers including a Canadian couple bike-packing doing an impressive route indeed.

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