General Wades Rocky Road

Another battle with Katy this morning did not start the day well. Guess she remembered the hill from last time we took her up it and she really wasn’t interested in the view from the top! The track was a lot rougher (& loose) under their feet than the last time I was up there so both ponies found it hard going. I don’t mind walking beside my horse so to be kinder that’s just what I did. Weather was cooler for Katy but dry and the views were stunning from the top. Well… They would have been if it wasn’t off the huge new power pylons and wind farms. What are we doing to our beautiful countryside???? It is pollution in my mind and utterly dreadful :o( of course it wasn’t helped by the fact that we had the noise of trucks and machinery all day as they are still working on the power lines but how on earth they got permission to build them that close to such a national landmark (the best preserved and established bit of general wades road) I’ll never know! Nice descent down into Fort Augustus for the night and enjoyed ice cream and beer with the ponies down by the Caledonian canal. Looking forward to a pub meal tonight :o). Tomorrow I head on alone, not looking forward to Katy’s morning tantrums and just hoping I have the strength to take these two onto the finish line!

4 thoughts on “General Wades Rocky Road

  1. Noll Charlick

    Really enjoy your diary and your appreciation of the Highland breed! Katie is just a canny Scotswoman!! Keep going, girl, it’s not that far now.

    We all think you are A M A Z I N G!!!

  2. Jill

    How? Big money makes all things possible. It is being allowed to destroy our Barrier Reef. Yes The Barrier Reef. The one everybody hopes to visit some day. Well do it soon. coal Terminals going in. Yes we’re fighting it. As we’re fighting to stop them logging the old growth forests in Tasmania but it’s an endless battle against power money and short term greed. Well done you for this tough fund raiser for the Fluffies. Love you all from down here in tropical Queensland.


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