Heavy is the word of the day… The HPs are doing ok but they just feel SO heavy compared to Yogi & Swift. Heavy to walk, to tow (and yes Yvonne has always described it as towing rather than leading and now I know why), to turn, to move in any dimension really… Just heavy! 

Skye is cute and she does have a little of Yogis drive but only for short periods of time… Then she gets distracted by grass, trees, weeds… Anything that is green and that might be remotely edible! She is quite clumsy as she is never concentrating on where she is going so you really have to ride her which is very tiring, but I am making progress. 

Katy is cute too but to be honest a little foot sore so is struggling over rough ground. This means you really have to tow her as if you stop pulling she stops and it can be a huge battle to get her going again. If you meet horses in fields by the track this can really take some time as she really won’t go passed them! 

So today which would have been a half day for me with my two has taken a whole day. BUT this was my first day alone with them as Yvonne finished her ride at Fort Augustus so we are still finding our rhythm. We have established some rules about the “stopping” thing but it will take a few days to really take effect. 

I’ve learned lots though…. Don’t ride under low branches because Skye will try and eat the leaves and make that low branch even lower! Don’t ride through long grass because grass reins don’t work there. Don’t get into a strength battle with a HP -you won’t win, instead you have to use cunning! 

Today was a long way round to cover a short distance. Necessary due to a main road, a missing bridge and horse accommodation problems for the night. It did take me along a beautiful track though with lovely views. 

Although they are SLOW oh so SLOW they did some things with me they have never done before so I am proud of them. E.g Asking them to step over a tree across the track (I was told it had been removed) which was the height of their belly and they both did it eventually! 

These are not experienced highlands Skye is only 7 and hasn’t done a huge amount in her life so far. Katy was a brood mare until a couple of years ago (she is now 15) and had never been ridden, so considering… They are doing very well but it is bloody hard work! 

To be fair to Katy and her feet I may have to finish my trip at Kinlochhourn rather than Glen Elg. The track to KLH is ok but the first bit out of there to Glen Elg is really steep, loose and rocky, I am not sure I will get her up it. Fair enough if her feet are sore! I will assess on the day when I get there. 

It is still the west coast so I will still have done it and I won’t put her through unnecessary discomfort. Will let you know my decision when made! 

1 thought on “Heavy!

  1. Tara

    Oh bless the ponies, they are all the same world wide. It’s all about the food. What a great effort Claire, you have stayed positive and that is half the battle. One day you will be telling the grandkids about your exciting cross country adventure and you will look back and smile 🙂


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