Heading West Once More

Got thoroughly tested out by Skye for the first half hour of the ride, but once we had decided who was more determined and stubborn than the other, we got along just fine. Yvonne says this will happen everyday apparently! Although I miss my two, we did have a lovely ride as it’s so much easier with only one horse each and it’s been lovely spending time with my buddy Yvonne. Stunning views today lifted my spirits and I am determined to enjoy the rest of the ride even without my usual equine companions.  Oh, and we found a bit of a party ongoing in one of the hill bothies so a sneaky beer was had at lunch time and good banter with the lads.  Now camped up for the night in a field with the horses and it’s a lovely evening. :oD

Ed: Today’s update was relayed by SMS again, but won’t be able to post tomorrow as we’re meeting up to take care of the logistics at another location where no signal is expected.  However, the satellite tracker will be on, so you can see where are.. here’s the link with today’s position:


1 thought on “Heading West Once More

  1. Mandy Todd

    Good to hear you’re making headway, Claire, and that you have the company of your friend too…oh, and a party to boot Can’t be bad!! xx 🙂


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