Stage 2

Ready for the off again! Feels like I am starting all over again. Similar nerves to when I first started, which I had eventually worked through… Guess that comes with the change of horses then!

I am however on familiar ground being so close to home so that will help.

I doubt very much whether I will have any reception for the next two nights but will catch up on here at Fort Augustus. I will let you know a little more about Katy & Skye and how our relationship is evolving.

Thank you everyone for you messages of support. I don’t have time to respond to each one, but I read them and appreciate them all!

Thank you also for your donations I am so close to the Β£1000 I am sure I will make the target by the end of the journey :oD

4 thoughts on “Stage 2

  1. Mandy Todd

    Morning, Claire – am so glad everything still a ‘go’ and that you seem to be adjusting to your two new highland companions.I live in Bath and it is a glorious morning here at 6.45, so I hope that you are experiencing something similar on your trek today. At least you’re on familiar ground! Can’t wait to see some photos when you return home and have had time to chill out! Have a great day! xx πŸ™‚

  2. Noll Charlick

    It is 8.30 am, beautiful sunny June morning so hope the weather is the same for you! Wishing you all the best for the rest of your trek with your two ‘new’ characters 😊 x

  3. Bill Shaw

    Great to catch up with you at Newtonmore Claire and a great big “well done” for your ride so far πŸ™‚

    Hope the new ponies behave themselves and you have a great ride over the next few days.


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