The head groom rides again? Nope, writes again!

Claire has good mobile reception but couldn’t get wifi today.. so here’s the update:

All 3 of us have had well earned rest today.  Lots of sleep, extra food and gentle walks. Friends called in yesterday evening and brought rugs for the horses to keep their muscles warm for 2 nights while they recover from the last 5 days. Restocked food and all set for another 4 days in the hills.  Met some other horsey folks at our rest stop today, one guy who likes to travel like I do with his 2 horses.  Must ask himhow he packs, as his kit looked much more minimal than mine! Have a friend joining me for a tricky bit tomorrow so it will be nice to have company (thanks Fiona) and easier to have only one horse to manage.  Might not get  a chance to check in for a while but you never know – had more reception so far than I ever thought possible!

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