Not the easiest day

Poor Yogi Bear having a bit of a rough time. He jumped a bog on the Mount Keen day and forgot to bring his back legs with him. I knew he was a bit sore but he seemed keen and sound enough in the following days. He seemed much better after his warm under rug rest day too.

However… Today was wet and cold this morning and after the first river crossing Fiona and I could tell he was not a happy Bear at all :o(

I am so grateful for Fiona’s help today as the already thin & dicey track was extra wet and slippy today. She also was a sounding block for my thoughts on Yogi and what might be wrong/options I had.

My best way to help was going forward so I have walked beside him most of the day.

I headed for a place I knew had horses and they have been incredible in helping me. They called their vet out who handled stressy bear really well. Usually only female vets can get near him but this guy wasn’t phased and Yogi was soon putty in his hands.

So managed a really good assessment and conclusion is sore stiff muscles, nothing too serious. Yogi is now getting breakfast which will please him with a small dose of anti-inflammatories hidden within to ease him a little.

Time wise, today should be his sorest day if my previous pulled muscles are anything to go by. It certainly wasn’t bothering him much when he cantered across the field at dinner time!!!

However, switching to riding Swift (those that know her… Wish me luck lol!) and Yogi will become pack. It’s harder travelling this way but I have done it before, just means finding that new rhythm… Hey ho!

Will reassess at lunch time and dinner time tomorrow. Faithful head groom hubby is going to meet me with the trailer just in case.

I am hopeful that the Bear will just walk this off so long as I don’t make him do too much and I have easier tracks from here for a while.

I do have a few extra days to play with if needed for him to recover once I get home in a few days time. (planned rest-stop before setting off westwards again. Ed) Vet was positive though and was amazed at how strong Yogi was feeling. He looks better than I have ever seen him so such a shame he is a little sore :o(

Will keep you updated. It was a horrible feeling that I might have to pull out but more horrible was worrying about poor Yogi -he really did look very miserable at one point and my mind was racing about how serious it all might be. 

Please keep fingers cross for the Bear!

18 thoughts on “Not the easiest day

  1. leaf

    Anti flam’s will really help, cuddles and a snort of whiskey should do it 🙂 he’s a dude, anyhow its swifts turn 😀 take it easy and maybe just take an extra rest at home? for all of you, tully and Dan will love you for it 😀

  2. Marte

    Sending lots of healing thoughts from Cairo! Anti-inflammatories should help, and hopefully after another night’s rest he will feel more supple. Even if you had to interrupt your trip now, it would still be an AMAZING accomplishment!

  3. Tara

    Oh what a shame Claire 😦 Sending positive vibes your way. Glad you were able to access a vet so easily. All of you take care 🙂

  4. Deirdre

    Hoping Yogi is feeling better,Clair. Can’t wait to hear how the switch for Yogi being pack comes out! If he likes to be up front he will be the “pack” leader!

  5. Sandra

    Keeping my fingers crossed xx Have been telling Iain about your trip and he’s keen to do a few smaller expeditions this summer!!

  6. Mandy Todd

    Aaaw…hats off to the vet…no matter what, you are doing a lovely thing and your intentions are impeccable. Hope today is better for all of you! 🙂

  7. anna louise

    Altho i dont ride and we have not met, i admire u so much – so glad ppl en route are being so supportive! keep going!!!!!

  8. kristine

    I admire you and your horses efforts! It is amazing that you have come this far, and it is truly amazing that you keep on going with this spirit. Keep up the good work, and I am sure that Yogi will feel better soon.

    Greetings from Norway ❤

  9. Bea

    Thanks so much, Claire. What you are doing is wonderful! Just don’t put so much pressure on yourself. Every PFK-Supporter (as I am too) will support you in ANY situation. We are all so grateful for this idea, what you are going through. Just take your time and if you need something, just tell us. I am sure every Blog-reader is willing to help you at any costs!
    Sending fluffy and positiv thoughts to you, Yogi and Swift. 🙂

  10. Tina Webb

    Keep your spirits up Claire. You are doing a great thing. It was never going to be easy. Hope today goes well for you. X


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