Another good day, as relayed via the head groom

Lovely morning with a stunning ride through the mountains down to the forest along the River Dee.  Don’t know what got into Yogi Bear but he suddenly went into turbo power setting and poor Swift had to trot to keep up.  Means we made it to Mar Lodge in excellent time and had the chance to set up camp before the rain started, but my plan of giving him an easy day went out of the window!  He is actually really tired, but just won’t stop….. we are so alike lol!  Hope he enjoys his rest time now.  I am meeting a friend for a gentle mountain bike ride tomorrow followed by curry while the horses chill and munch.

Ed comment: curry = local town = hip-flask refill 🙂   I’ve managed to find out how to approve all the kind comments, so hopefully they will now appear, and For Claire’s location update here’s the satellite track


4 thoughts on “Another good day, as relayed via the head groom

  1. Deirdre

    I just looked at the satellite views and I am astonished! I didn’t realize just how dangerous of a trek you’re taking! You,Yogi and Swift stay safe!:)


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