Mountain day…

Hard day today, two big hills! The first wasn’t as hard as I thought but the track to the second was… Challenging!

Yogi is an awesome boy in that he really attacks his hills but that becomes a draw back when the track is too rough to ride him… Glad I did my reccy’s at top speed to get fit, I needed that fitness today and about a gallon of water!

Met some bog so Yogi had his stress head on which made managing both horses really hard work. Swift as always was super steady and reliable which helped.

Horses in long grass for the night and are very happy about that, they deserve it after today.

Easier day tomorrow & over night in a bothy. Then on to Mar Lodge where I might be able to post again.

Loads of lovely photos from today in the sunshine… A little bit sunburnt too!

6 thoughts on “Mountain day…

  1. Anna Thompson

    I so admire your trip and that you are doing it partly to fundraise for PFK is even cooler :-). Wish you the nicest trip and lot’s of luck with the bogs and any other tricky situation that may come up! Have fun! Go fluffies!


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