Sitting in the sun (watching it slowly go down) in a field with my horses just over the fence.  Enough of a breeze to keep the midges away.  Swift is snoozing, Yogi of course is munching.  I am having a wee snifter of whisky to celebrate a hard but successful day.  Doesn’t get more heavenly than this (unless my head groom was here too!) :-oD

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  1. Dawna Jercinovich

    I admire what you are doing and doing for PFK. Cheering you on from the States I will be reading this daily to check your progress. Sending lots of love to you and your horses.

  2. leaf

    Fantastic for you and the faithful dobbins 🙂 I am so happy your having a grand time on the trail, see you tomorrow night 😉 for a curry


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