A hundred gates

Ok so maybe I exaggerate, but it felt like it!

Found the rhythm by the end of the day -first day completely on our own, but there were a few casualties along the way!

Sore finger (mine obviously), snapped rein (Silly bear), ripped saddle bag… Yup those nice new ones I ordered from the states for this trip (goofy Swift).

All now repaired apart from finger but it’s not too bad. Many gates to get through and some too narrow for pack horses!

Arrived at fabulous B&B for the night can’t tell you how wonderful it is here, if you ever get chance to stay here grab it with both hands :o) www.houseofmark.co.uk

Horses sleepy & cuddly but quite tired so tomorrow I will mostly be walking. Big day tomorrow… Big hills to do, may not have reception for a few days but will check in by satellite (thank you hit air uk!).

Nervous about tomorrow, but determined and horses listening to me well so should be fine.

Sorry no pics but only took some on my camera today and can’t transfer to phone. Lovely photos to share later though :o)

3 thoughts on “A hundred gates

  1. martin jachnik

    Yes it is lovely here Claire, delightful having your company. Have a lovely journey, from Martin and Gail. Might see you on the trail tomorrow.

  2. Mandy Todd

    hat you are doing is wonderful…am living the experience vicariously through you…used to have my own lovely mare, but no longer able to have a horse 😦 However, I’m enjoying turning the negative into the positive and keeping track of your progress. Hope you got some good restful sleep last night…along with the geegees, of course! xx


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