BBC Radio Scotland

The Out of Doors programme and the linked Scotland Outdoors are featuring us in both the regular programme and a longer podcast this week. The episode airs on Saturday 27/03 – at the early time of 06:30 – but the podcast of the full interview is available now:

Swift spent most of the interview trying to eat the fluffy microphone, apart from one moment when she took a dive into the ditch for her favourite kind of grass (whilst I was slightly distracted). Yogi hung back, full of suspicion but he was at least less dramatic than last time he was faced with a grey fluffy monster lol!

Illustration by Leandra Sutherland

10 thoughts on “BBC Radio Scotland

  1. Craig

    Heard the story on out of doors here in Australia.
    Sounds idyllic
    Was very inspirational .Stuck in due to some health issues and you took me straight back home to the highlands
    Thank you.
    Sounds like the kind of thing I’d like but on a bike

  2. laidbackbikes

    Irene and I really enjoyed hearing the podcast. Such a brilliant thing to do and was great to meet you a while back when you passed through Kirkmichael and Strathardle on way over to Glen Isla & beyond.
    Totally inspirational and makes bike packing look easy!

    1. cescott12 Post author

      Must send you an article I write for a magazine, I used our meeting as an example of the amazing support/response I get from strangers along the way. Thanks for your help! x

      1. laidbackbikes

        That would be great if you have a link.
        You’ve done some big trips and hear you’ve done a book too?. Happy to buy a copy of that of course!
        Out of Doors team are great – we had them to shop with Mark on a tandem with me a few years ago.
        Your approach would be good one for Adventure Show too – whole thing of landscape and slow travel is a trend as we discover what’s around us.
        Thanks D

      2. laidbackbikes

        Thanks Claire – sent pdf to my daughter too. Will see you if you pass through again. We have tenant in cottage – not been able to go up since Sept last year. Dx

  3. Gregor

    Really great to hear about your fur babies on the BBC Scotland podcast. Horses are such beautiful and receptive animals. Hope to meet you on the hills when we can finally get back out.

    1. cescott12 Post author

      Missed this comment sorry – I’m still stuck in Moray in its own little lockdown. Fingers crossed this changes by the weekend!


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