Corral and Morale Building

Spring feels like it is in the air – although you never can tell in Scotland! Mornings and evenings are longer, they are brighter too and the snow/ice has melted. I’m feeling so much better mentally and physically for getting out and about on the horses again – FINALLY!

Yogi and Swift certainly have a spring in their steps too and are both offering to go everywhere at the next pace up – if only I’d be kind enough to just say ‘go on then’ lol!

They aren’t fit enough for that though (and neither am I riding wise) as they still have a lot of muscle and cardiovascular stamina to regain after their summer ills. So on a lovely day like today, when I could have been out for a ride, I had the frustration of not over doing it with them – and had to give them a rest day.

I decided not to be annoyed by this, so instead turned to some constructive morale and corral building. I looked out my trail riding gear, made sure everything was ready to go (I mean my first summer trek is possibly only 2.5 months away lol!) and decided to create this video to help others who might be considering an equine staycation adventure for the first time this year.

Hope you find it useful – it’s all about how to construct a corral.

p.s. the poles I use are called Fishing Bank Sticks. I use the 50-90cm but you can get longer versions if you have a corral jumping horse!

1 thought on “Corral and Morale Building

  1. jackiecorsie

    I can’t wait to try this. Excellent video it’s nice to see how you do it and your equipment.


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