Day 13. Laggan to Melgarve

A nice easy short day today prior to going up over the hills tomorrow.  Beautiful views up the Glen and stopped at one of my favourite bothies overnight.  Joined by Hubby and friends Sophie & Frankie for the evening… they brought wine :oD!

IMGP7423 IMGP7425 IMGP7426 IMGP7428 IMGP7430 IMGP7432 IMGP7433 IMGP7435 IMGP7437 IMGP7438 IMGP7439 IMGP7443 IMGP7445 IMGP7446 IMGP7449 IMGP7451 IMGP7452 IMGP7454

5 thoughts on “Day 13. Laggan to Melgarve

  1. Noll Charlick

    Fabulous photoes, what an experience! Those two grey girlies look cute, maybe TOO cute hey!! Love the deer and the scenery – amazing


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