Day 12 Photos. Newtonmore to Laggan.

Day 11 was a rest day and a day where I had to come up with Plan B.  My friend Yvonne was due to join me with her two ponies for a few days anyways so we came up with a plan to continue with just those two, (getting our kit dropped off along the way) then when Yvonne left to go home I would have the two ponies I needed to continue on to the West Coast.  Yogi & Swift were left to relax and recover in their field.

Day 12 was a very relaxing, sociable day with great views -that was after being tested out by Skye pony for the first hour of the ride.  She needed to know exactly what kind of rider she was dealing with -i.e. how much grass she would be able to sneak in as we rode along! Once that was sorted we got along just fine.

IMGP7371 IMGP7372 IMGP7375 IMGP7380 IMGP7381 IMGP7383 IMGP7386 IMGP7387 IMGP7388 IMGP7390 IMGP7392 IMGP7393 IMGP7397 IMGP7398 IMGP7399 IMGP7410 IMGP7412 IMGP7414 IMGP7418 IMGP7419 IMGP7421

2 thoughts on “Day 12 Photos. Newtonmore to Laggan.

  1. Anna Halford

    I found the link to your travels on the barefoot and bitless page, thought I’d say hi. I recently completed a ride from Chile to Venezuela, sometimes in the company of my boyfriend, sometimes not, with four horses. Bitless all the way, barefoot for 2/3 of it. Lovely to see your pics and would love to do the same in Scotland. Well done!


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