Day 9 Photos: Dalnacardoch Lodge to Bhran Cottage (Glen Tromie)

I was in two minds whether to continue or not after yesterday -particularly because by this stage Yogi wasn’t very well.  However he seemed ok in the morning and I made the decision to walk him home (as I was heading there for a rest day anyway) with not even the saddle bags on -Swift carried them.  So a day on foot for me, but Dave (hubby)  joined me until lunch time so it gave us chance to chat and catch up :o)

IMGP7278 IMGP7281

Swift was looking so pretty until she spied the camera -when ever I point it in her direction, she goes all goofy!


Head Groom with the Bear.


Yup -it was a goofy kind-a day!

IMGP7290 IMGP7291 IMGP7292 IMGP7293

Head Groom -with the Spotty-bum

IMGP7294 IMGP7296 IMGP7297 IMGP7300 IMGP7306 IMGP7307

Yogi trying to teach Swift how to pose for the cameraIMGP7308 IMGP7310

Swift did a little better after her lesson…

IMGP7316 IMGP7318 IMGP7319 IMGP7327 IMGP7329 IMGP7330 IMGP7332

My “hands-free” system as Yogi just gets on with the job and follows the trail.  I can see by his face in this photo that he wasn’t very comfortable here but only one easy day after this to get him home.

IMGP7333 IMGP7334 IMGP7335

Two very tired horses!

1 thought on “Day 9 Photos: Dalnacardoch Lodge to Bhran Cottage (Glen Tromie)

  1. Jill4675

    Once again, great photos, Claire!!! Looks like typical Scottish weather that day! Hope your dear horses recovered well now that your trip has been over for awhilel


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