Day 8 Photos: Forrest Lodge to Dalnacardoch Lodge

A tough day… swapped Yogi to pack as he wasn’t very well and struggled to get young Swift to lead up front.  She did it eventually but very very slowly which made for my longest day on the trail despite it not being the longest distance.  We got there though and I was very proud of Swift for stepping up to the mark when thrown in at the deep end.  Over the next few days she just got better and better :o)

IMGP7247 IMGP7248 IMGP7251 IMGP7253 IMGP7254 IMGP7255 IMGP7260 IMGP7261 IMGP7263 IMGP7265 IMGP7268 IMGP7270 IMGP7271 IMGP7272 IMGP7273

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