We made it!!

The last day was as we say round here a little Dreich!  The rain eased off through the day and although the low clouds obscured the (what would have been) amazing views, it did add a mystical atmosphere to the descent to the West Coast Sea at Kinlochhourn.  The rock formations as you descend to the coast are a little unusual and it felt a little fairy tale like!

I decided not to push on to Glen Elg today as my borrowed ponies were extremely tired. That mixed with Highland Pony stubbornless meant I would have struggled (to say the least) to get them up the very very very steep rocky road up out of Kinlochhourn.They felt they had done enough and so did I.

At the end of the day I made it coast to coast and had dipped my toes in the salty water on both sides of Scotland.  It was an incredible journey and I really didn’t want it to end.  I wondered whether travelling this way for so long would encourage me to do more travelling in this style or whether it would dampen the desire completely as it is such hard work.  Those that know me could probably have told me before I set off which of those would happen… and yup, I already have a plan forming for the next big(ger) adventure!!

I look forward to sharing the photos and a few more details (than I could manage by text messages) over the next few days.

For now… I am off to my favourite pub for a celebratory drink :oD

11 thoughts on “We made it!!

  1. Eileen

    Well done, you deserve a well earned drink ( or Two ), looking forward to see your pictures, huh I cannot see anything putting you off something that you have set your mind to do, so where’s the next adventure Lands End to John Ogroats, but that wouldnt surprise me !

  2. Mandy Todd

    What a massive achievement, Claire! I had no broadband over the last few days so have missed seeing your posts. You’ve proved that where there’s a will there’s a way! Hope your celebratory drink went down well and I look forward to the photos! From Mandy in Bath xx

  3. cescott12 Post author

    Definitely won’t be lands end to john o groats! Too many roads involved and not my style… I prefer the unbeaten track and the mountains! The plan so far is still in Scotland but may take in some of the islands and much bigger mileage, may take a few years to come to fruition though… As time off work could be a challenge to negotiate!!


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