Nearly There!

Horses did well today… Well the usual Katy morning refusals but I’ve worked through it and need to give Yvonne the key! After that we made really good progress on good tracks. It then got rocky :o( and the horses slowed down to snail’s pace! They have sore back feet. Yvonne isn’t as far along the barefoot route as me and her horses have done so much over the last 12 days. I am grateful for being able to finish in the same way I started… Bitless and barefoot but I’m not going to make the horses miserable. So tomorrow will be the last day. It’s all Tarmac and with my horses’ boots arriving with a pal I can now boot up their back feet for one more day. I won’t ask them to do the rocky road up out of kinlochhourn, we will finish there… It’s still the west coast!!! My pal Sal arrived to help me get over some side gated cattle grids and brought with her a feast and wine… Wonderful last night on the trail :o)

3 thoughts on “Nearly There!

  1. leaf

    šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ just can’t stop smiling inside! just a fantastic effort from all those involved, and I knew HP’s would find out the human has new tools šŸ˜‰ posatives all round then! cant wait to see you and the gang, will hug to death! šŸ˜€ xx

  2. Janice elliott

    Congrats on finishing !
    Have been following your trail since hearing about you on radio scotland from sunny California . Own a couple of trail horses, and your blogs were very encouraging .


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