Made it home for planned rest stop. This is about half way, I should be celebrating but feel deflated…

Yogi is a little better but hard mountain days are not what he needs. So I have had to make the difficult decision not to continue with a sore Bear.

Working on a plan B which could see me continuing with my friends ponies. It will make a already difficult trip doubly hard as they are stubborn highland ponies lol!

If this works out I will be very grateful as not many people would lend you their horses! Luckily she is a good friend indeed.

Will keep you posted, and although determined to finish what I started, it will be so hard for it not to be on my own lovely & awesome horses :o(

6 thoughts on “Deflated

  1. leaf

    I am so sorry about Yogi Bear, but I am impressed that you will continue, and that you listened to your Bear 🙂 Big Thank you to your good friend we know who you are 😉 top bird 😀
    If I had some working ones I would willing loan them to you! Your no greenhorn anymore and you’ve proven yourself competent in many ways. Rest up, chill out and gather your strength, I’ll maybe get to see you soon. xx

  2. Christine Macfarlane

    You have done right by your ‘Bear’! Wishing you luck for the rest of your journey. x

  3. Jill4675

    Good on you for putting your horse first. All the best for plan B and hope Yogi recovers well! Cheers!

  4. dad

    Sorry to hear about yogi. He did well considering his history. Evev the pony express changed horses. We have confidence you are up to the challenge, so up on the new horses and off you go and complete your plan.

  5. Mandy Todd

    Hi Claire – once again, I just want to say how I admire what you have done and are still doing…poor Bear! But your dedication is wonderful! And yes, glad Bear is safe. Good for you for carrying on!! xx 🙂


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