First day success

Woke up to heavy rain and high winds, luckily by the time I was ready to set off it had settled and was only drizzle.

A good day on the roads (if you can have that -I usually avoid them as much as possible) -horses behaved and the Bear just about coped with all the tractors (his other pet hate -remember he hates bogs too).

Massively grateful to husband and my friend Leaf Sutherland for joining me on this section, to see me through day one safely.  It was actually fun rather than stressful.

To top it all… how lucky did I get at the end of the day?!  The wonderful people who had offered the horses a field for the night, then offered me a room, a meal, breakfast, internet access and beer!!!  I might never leave here!!!

If you have never heard of this place and happen to live in Scotland… you NEED to check it out -a beautiful place, incredibly friendly and extremely accommodating!  Here they are:  Normally an academic retreat, but it seems they will take anyone in lol!



I have to say a MASSIVE thanks also to Hit Air who have sponsored my satellite device which will get me help if I need it even if I have no mobile reception.  Also I can send a “I’m ok” message to hubby and parents each day.  It also tracks my progress and maybe hubby will work out how to share that on here?  I wear a Hit Air vest all the time now after falling off Swift and I broke a bone in my back.  I hardly notice I am wearing it -perfect for this kind of remote trek.  That extra bit of protection and peace of mind but comfortable :o)  Sorry for the plug, but I really do thinks it’s a fantastic bit of kit!

Looking forward to tomorrow and feeling very positive.  I will get a great night’s sleep here and be ready for another day on the trail.

4 thoughts on “First day success

  1. Jill4675

    Looking good, Claire! Love all the support you’ve been getting! May it continue and may you be bog free during your trek! (Frankly, I find bogs super stressful so I am with Bear on that issue!!!) ^_^


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