Under starters orders

Camping in the starting blocks… Nerves kicking in, those mountains I’ve got to cross seem a long ways away, the coast on the other side is on a different planet lol!

Horses travelled well and have settled for the night… Wish I could do the same.

Thank goodness for a faithful husband and a good friend to see me on my way tomorrow.

Night everyone… Please get some sleep for me ;o)

4 thoughts on “Under starters orders

  1. Noll Charlick

    Try to sleep Claire, or at least relax by freeing your mind. You have done so much preparation,everything is fine and you know what you have to do tomorrow. There is nothing left to do now so R E L A X z z z z z z z

  2. cissiengberg

    Good luck Clarie! I don’t know you, in fact I am from an entirely different country, but from reading what you have written and reading about you I’ve come to think of you as a really strong and determined lass. You’ve got experience backing you up, as well as some very kind people. You go girl, I’ll be thinking about you tons and checking for blog posts every day! Crossing both fingers and toes for you and the horses on your amazing trip!


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