Hoofin’ Complete! 1000 (and 5) miles.

It seems a very long time since I managed to update my blog – but at the same time it doesn’t. I’m in a kind of a time-warp now I’m home. On one hand it seems like no time at all since we were setting off for the start of our adventure back on the 10th of May – on the other hand when I reflect over individual days on the trail – it seems like ages ago.

Either way – its taken no time at all for all three of us to settle back into the routine of life at home – and I’m left asking – did all that really happen?

Well it must have – because the GPS tracker says so, my photos prove it, and the long list of thank yous I still have to complete – back it up. The memories are there, our fitness is lingering – as is our wonderful closeness after all we’ve been through together.

I can’t tell you how proud I am of my two amazing companions (Swift and Yogi) – they gave me their everything – in their own individual ways. I’m also proud of how keen they were on the final day – matching if not outpacing their stride on the very first day near Ullapool all those weeks and months ago. They are fit, lean (but not thin), muscular, shiny, no rubs, no insect bites, and still keen for more time on the trail. I very much hope this means I got it right for them, as at the end of the day (and the ride) – getting it right for your horse(s) should be all that matters.

Swift is in her prime – I’ve never seen her look so good, nor feel so good – which at times, given her size and her quirky mind can be a little intimidating lol! Yogi does need rest now – at 20 years old and with Cushings, this was hard on him, I can’t deny that. I am grateful that I was able to complete this journey with him now, as I don’t think he would have managed in subsequent years. HE still thinks he can do it though – and on the last day I struggled to keep him to his famous turbo-boost walk – as all he actually wanted to do was jog/trot or more!

They will both be allowed to enjoy some down-time now and plenty of TLC with pedicures, physio, hay delivery, and vet checks all lined up. Plenty of cuddles too and not asking anything of them – apart from the sharing of their hot, sweet breath on my arm (Yogi) and down my neck (Swift) ;o)

I have a massive tedious ‘To Do’ list to dig through now I am home – and family and friends to catch up with – but I will endeavour to share more tales and tails from the trail as soon as I can. There are plenty to choose from – amazing moments with Swift and Yogi, but also the wonderful people I met along the way. x

4 thoughts on “Hoofin’ Complete! 1000 (and 5) miles.

  1. laidbackbikes

    That’s a fabulous journey to have done! Sad to think Yogi will not be doing something quite at that level again. Sure you’ll do more shorter trips though. Best wishes from David & Irene (Kirkmichael a few years back).Sent from my Galaxy

  2. Jo Brecknell

    What an amazing achievement Claire, Yogi and Swift! Have loved following you’re adventure!!! Feeling inspired to do something myself….on a much smaller scale!! Thank you so much for sharing!


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