A Route Re-think

I have had a major rethink after following another rider who set off from John O Groats last week (to ride to Lands End). They report boggy ground, blocked gates, and closed forestry trails that would force me to use ‘A’ roads for much of the route. These roads are busy with logging lorries, construction traffic (for hydro and wind farms), and the increased popularity of the NC500 with post-covid stay-cations.

Travelling unsupported with two horses – I don’t feel able to keep them safe on these roads and their welfare must come first (with my sanity a close second!). I’m not planning to ride the length of Britain – my aim is to ride 1000+ miles around the Highlands so I don’t HAVE to start at the most northerly point.

Disappointing as it is not to start at such an iconic place, I’ve decided instead to start at Ullapool where I can access off-roads routes / minor roads from the start. Still 1000+ miles and still raising money for TASC – just a less risky start!

Raising money for TASC The Ambulance Staff Charity – which offers a wide range of services to support the mental, physical, and financial wellbeing of ambulance staff and their families – as you can imagine, they are very much in demand in the aftermath of the pandemic.

All money raised will be ring-fenced to support staff in Scotland and to help TASC raise their profile north of the border.

Hoping I’ll get enough signal for you to follow my journey, on facebook, my blog, and on Instagram.

To Donate: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/claire-alldritt

Facebook: www.facebook.com/hoofinaroundthehighlands/

Instagram: https://instagram.com/alldrittclaire

Blog: www.bearandspottybum.com

3 thoughts on “A Route Re-think

  1. Julia

    Good decision, would love to know which trails you use. I love the west coast. I’m sure it will be awesome.Good luck.

  2. Margi Povey

    Yours and the horses safety is paramount!
    Your beautiful horses are much needed to raise the money….. Take Care x


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