Landward – Swogi on the TV!

On day three of my last adventure – we met up with Anne Lundon from BBC Landward for some filming. It was a strange but interesting experience – I’d never done anything like this before – so not only was I tired and dehydrated, but I was SOOOO nervous too lol!

The horses were perfectly behaved, so hopefully the editing will have made them the stars of the show (quite rightly) and my uneasy ramblings will be kept to a minimum!!

I’m intrigued, nervous and excited to see how it all came out… if you want to watch, then here’s the schedule.

7 thoughts on “Landward – Swogi on the TV!

  1. Nickie

    Hi! It was a great piece on landward and lovely to see the Swift & Yogi! I think we met at Ruigh A’tcheachan in Glen Feshie a few years ago when you were setting out to travel through to Aboyne and I was camped nearby waiting on some Gold DofE groups coming through from the Lin of Dee- I think you even met them the next day too. We had a good blether in the bothy. Was great to see your adventures continuing and you in tv.

    1. cescott12 Post author

      I remember that well! That was in my early days and I think my first proper solo trip – I was soooo nervous 🤣 The day that followed was hell – Yogi fell off a cliff (I talk about that in my book) and the ground that followed was so wet and boggy. The D of E group held one of the horses for me whilst I negotiated a boggy section. Funny how experience (or lack of) changes perspectives – I repeated this section this summer and it felt like a walk in the park!!! Lovely to hear from you x

      1. Nickie Cowan

        That all rings a bell! I’d love to know what your books called and read it! When I saw you on tv last week I was immediately thinking it had to be you and when they said you were a paramedic I recalled you sayin that. It was lovely to see you, Swift & Yogi still on adventure and will definitely follow your adventures from now on!

      2. cescott12 Post author

        It’s called ‘From East to West by Saddle is Best’ – link to details from the menu above or this link will take you straight to Amazon 😁

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