Exploring the Dunkeld Area June 2018

With me still unwell, a remote adventure continued to be off the cards.  Instead Yvonne and I took our horses down to Dunkeld to visit Karen Inkster who kindly put us up in her house with the horses in her garden for a few days.  We did a few day rides and a couple of overnight rides, one to a bothy near Loch Ordie and another to camp by the beautiful Loch Kinnard.  HOT HOT HOT was the order of the day and we had to stop at times to soak the horses in river/loch water to cool them down.  Never thought I’d have to do that in Scotland!

Swift seemed like a different horse… she showed me she had finally found her inner confidence by insisting on riding up front, even though she was supposed to be pack horse.  I soon rectified the situation and made Yogi pack horse.  It seems I’ve now got two great lead horses -if I can stop Yogi eating so much grass as pack horse, then I might have two of those great at the job too lol!

On the second overnighter, we had set off to find woodland for shade but instead found a dusty windfarm with all the forest removed.  The horses nervous at first, learnt to ride right passed the turning windmills which I guess was a good training opportunity but it was so fly filled and dusty it wasn’t overly comfortable.  Disappointed to find a pile of rubbish at Loch Kinnard and if we could have packed it out, we would have done -there was just too much of it to carry.

Our rest day was spent kayaking the River Tay -another past-time that Yvonne and I have in common -it was almost too HOT for that cooling activity too though!  On our way home we glamped at one of our favourite glens and Swift tried to climb into the horse lorry -not into the horse area, but the living area lol!  A quick ride round our favourite (shady) local woodland to finish the trip, as always didn’t disappoint with its fascinating twisting trails.


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