Glen Affric July 2017

This turned out to include the most stunning scenery I have ever seen by horseback, but also some of the most challenging trails I have attempted towing a pack horse!  Leanne and I joined Yvonne part way round a circular route she had organised, we rode from Kinlochhourn to Cannick.

Yvonne I am sure won’t mind me stating that she had been a little ambitious with the expected distances per day, given the challenging nature of the trails, the horse obstacles we had to over come and the fact that there is more faff with a bigger group.

We became very tired & hungry as did the horses -especially young cob Tom Tom who was new to all this.  He did extremely well for his first expedition but both physically and mentally -he had reached his limit.

Finding a lovely campsite at Cannick, a good field for the horses and plenty of things to explore in the area -we stayed put instead of contuinuing on and rode out for day rides instead.   Here we found the birth place of the “Golden Retriever”, explored a ruined mansion and enjoyed the best pub meal we had ever had!

We also agreed to form a plan for the 3 of us to complete the entry requirements to the Long Rider’s Guild… we made a pact to do a 1000+mile journey with our horses.  Surprisingly -I was the only one drinking when we came up with this plan!!!!

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