Day 17. Tomdoun to Kinlochhourn

With the horses having sore feet, I decided to make this day the last day and I would not continue around the coast to Glen Elg.  I still completed coast to coast as I was able to dip my toes in the sea at Kinlochhourn.  To have taken these ponies onward, up the steep rocky trail onto Glen Elg would just have been cruel after all they had done for me.

Arriving at Kinlochhourn and finishing a day early meant a lack of planned friends/family to welcome me in, so the journey ended as quietly as it began -just me and the two equines.  I was able to undertake some quiet reflection about the journey I had undertaken.  I certainly finished with more confidence (about solo, self supported horse treks) than I started and I can honestly say, I didn’t want the adventure to end.  I would be pretty happy to travel/live like this indefinitely (although with the addition of hubby & dogs!).

This will inevitably lead to more adventures -so watch this space…. ;o)


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