Day 4 Photos Up Glen Muick to Gelder Shiel (Bothy)


Horses were a little too comfortable in the morning… Swift was actually snoring!



I smiled my way up the Glen -it was lovely in the shade with the hot sun poking through the trees.


If Swift doesn’t see you taking the photo you can catch a non-goofy one!


I am sure this mountain doesn’t need any intro… but just in case… Lochnagar



4 thoughts on “Day 4 Photos Up Glen Muick to Gelder Shiel (Bothy)

  1. Jill4675

    Beautiful photos. I absolutely love the one of your two lying on the ground in their rugs! So cute!!! 😊

  2. Noll Charlick

    The photos are amazing, you were up as far as the snow line I see! How relaxed and trusting your two horses are in a strange field – so lovely. Thank you for sharing.


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