When you start out on a journey like this, it can take a couple of days to get into a routine, for the horses (& my head) to settle and for us to get into a “journeying together rhythm”.

It’s hard to describe, but the first few days you feel inefficient, bothersome, the horses don’t seem to go where you want & fidgit when you are getting them ready etc.  That’s only the journeying aspect… setting up camp and the corral and taking it all down again in the morning has it’s own rhythm too and can take a few days to smooth itself out.

I anticipate for this trip, it will be day 4 before we “get into the groove”.  It will start to happen end of day 2, but day 3 is a hard one so that will set us back a bit, then day 4 we should be sorted… oh I am looking forward to day 4 :o)

Sometimes if the horses have been working hard, the rhythm can appear on day one… but not this time.   THE BEAR IS FEELING GOOOOOOD!  This means he just wants to do his turbo charged power walk and don’t you dare to stop him.  Although this helps to cover the miles (should be in Glen Elg by lunch time day 5 lol!), it totally affects the rhythm and until he has settled himself out a bit, Swift and I will struggle to keep up mentally and physically.

I don’t know where he gets his drive from, but it’s a good thing to have and his drive will carry him, Swift and me through the trip!

Set off tomorrow, excited to get started on Wednesday, will try and post as much as internet access will allow.

If you haven’t voted for PFK yet in the Direct Debit Big Break -then Yogi has a request…



2 thoughts on “Rhythm

  1. boggtrotter

    It’s a real pain, this rythmn, in my Mountaineering days, it was the same. Ok on the way in, and then you begin the climb, the first few steps are almost as you say, inefficient and stumbly. But then the rythmn kicks in, and all is well.

  2. Tick thing

    Way to go Claire! Don’t forget that you’ve got many people rooting for you and if you need any help at all just let us know! The Fluffies say thank you so very much!


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