Packing done!

All packed for the 3 weeks with 10 days worth of food (for me and the horses), it weighs in at 25kg. 

Doesn’t sound a lot but feels it when you lift the pack bags…  I will try and reduce this over the next few days as much as I can.

At the moment this includes several “luxury items”, they may or may not survive the cut!

I am loath to take out my D-SLR Camera though as this is going to be a bit of a special & scenic journey.  Is this luxury or essential??

I have now recieved my emergency satellite device, which can be set up to send the odd non-urgent text message and can even post to facebook apparently, oh and it can track my progress too.  I’ve got about half of it working (the emergency bit and non-urgent texting).

Guess what I will be playing with for the rest of the weekend!

So… tack cleaning next and catching up with paperwork (i.e. bills sigh!) before I head off. 

Only 4 days to go… EEeek!

9 thoughts on “Packing done!

  1. Rikke

    I’m really enjoying reading about your trip, hope you have an amazing adventure!
    If at all possible I would take the camera!

  2. boggtrotter

    The packing done, all sorted out, and now the time is near,
    I really don’t need certain things, but which to leave right here.
    Camera? Or furry slippers? Mmm! The choice is really hard, I know I won’t take either, …..leave room for wine instead!

  3. Jane

    Wow. Thank you for this blog. It is a breath of mountain fresh air as I extracate myself from a job that has become stale and heavy!

  4. joannakenny

    Wow – how do you pack so little for three weeks ? 🙂 I’d need a string of pack ponies with all the hardware I’d feel it necessary to take “just in case”.

  5. cescott12 Post author

    I will pick up more food in the middle which is probably the bit that weighs the most. Was going to carry 10days of food but have halved that as I have to meet someone anyway to help get me over one of the dual carriageways -so they will bring a food parcel! On my third attempt at packing, I am now down to 20kgs!!! I still need to add in water though…

  6. Patricia Hitchcock

    Camera without a doubt! Do you have details of your route and how many days travelling etc, so we can follow on a map?
    Sounds amazing and such a brilliant thing to do for PFK. 🙂


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