The support I have recieved for this trip just amazes me:  a most welcomed free B&B room for the night, people donating to PFK who have never even met me, offers of emergency support, offers for grazing, people sharing my story and now… with one week to go… a lovely company has offered to support me with some spare parts for my hoof boots.

Thank you Cannock Chase Equine

They may be a long way from me geographically but they have excellent customer service, a wide range of stock choice and fast delivery.  They are great at giving advice over the phone if you just need a question answered too.   A big thumbs up from Claire, Yogi & Swift (OK… erm… well they don’t actually have thumbs but you know what I mean!).

4 thoughts on “Support

    1. cescott12 Post author

      Phew! ;o) Dont believe a word that man Slime says… Especially if he says “I’ve done it before you will be fine” “you Slime?… Surely you mean we?” “Oh no not me, not today, I need a rest… You’ll love it though” and there ends the tale of my biggest white water kayak swim EVER!!


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